Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Networking, Networking Networking.

I want to tell you how great networking community websites are. It all started with Myspace, Facebook etc. A new trend I am trying out is Twitter. It's all about what your doing. You can do it from your cell phone on the go. The big positive about network communities is that you drive more traffic to your website. I believe in turn you can make more money and sell more products my using Twitter. I am conducting a Twitter study of my own. I want to see how many people will "Twitter" me in the next 24hrs after I post this blog. I want to get their thoughts on how Twitter could capitalize on expanding their network.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pumpkin Pie in July.

I thought this was a little weird. My husband went to the store in search of Pie. He knew I hate Cherry Pie, the only other flavor they had in the bakery was Pumpkin. Strange but this is the first time I have ever eaten Pumpkin Pie in July...and I probably won't do it again. It's too weird.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Bank Watch

This is a follow-up article on the original article I wrote on July 16, 2008 "Is your money safe?" This is an update of whats happening with banks. Many of these banks were not previously on the list.

Banks are supposed to be
(FDIC) insured by the federal government. 90 bank watch list as published by The Bank Implode Meter, these are banks that have all been audited and written up for something. After doing a little research I found most of the banks on the watch list, many of the banks on this list are still in good standing. The ones that you will need to keep an eye on are the banks on a "Level 3". These are the banks that are in serious trouble.

Level 3 watch Bank List.

  1. Washington Mutual 7-27-08 (waiting on implosion)
  2. National City 7-24-08
  3. Fifth Third Bankcorp 7-22-08
  4. Watchovia 7-22-08 (waiting on implosion)
  5. Bank of America 7-21-08
  6. Merryl Lynch 7-11-08
  7. Lehman Brothers 7-11-08
  8. Bank of America 7-08-08
  9. Citigroup 6-28-08
  10. US Bancorp (near level 3)
  11. National City (near level 3)
  12. JP Morgan Chase (near level 3)
  13. Wells Fargo (near level 3, may still come out alive but not in the clear)
FDIC Failed Bank List.
  1. First National Bank of Nevada 7-26-08
  2. First Heritage Bank N.A. 7-26-08
  3. Indy Mac Bank Corp 7-11-08
  4. First Integrity Bank 5-31-08
  5. ANB Financial 5-09-08
  6. Carnation Bank 5-09-08
  7. St. Luke Baptist Federal Credit Union 5-07-08
  8. Hume Bank of Hume, MO 3-10-08
  9. Douglas National Bank 1-28-08
  10. Huron River Credit Union 1-19-08
  11. Green Tree Federal Credit Union 1-19-08
  12. Metropolitan Savings Bank 1-19-08
  13. Miami Valley Bank 1-19-08
  14. Net Bank 1-19-08
  15. Sharebuilders Federal Credit Union 1-19-08
  16. Freemont General
  17. Bear Stearns
  18. Northern Rock PLC
  19. Coast Bank

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Some interesting facts about the oil industry.

With gasoline currently at $4 per gallon (higher in Utah) have you ever wondered how much the oil companies are making? Big oil companies claim they are not the big winners. The average proffit margin for oil companies in 7.6%. Currently the oil companies are saying that the demand is exceeding the supply, which is why gas prices continue to rise. Independently owned gas stations are only making a few cents per gallon. The federal government is currently making .18 cents per gallon. State Government is making .22 cents per gallon. Distributors make .28 cents per gallon. Refineries make .36 cents per gallon. Oil producers are making $2.96 per gallon. When you add all of that up it calculates to $4.00 per gallon without the independently owned gas stations taking their cut.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

New ideas in upcoming seminars.

I have been talking with a few of my mentors and will be bringing some local seminars that you will be able to take advantage of. I am really excited about this because this is going to be Life Changing. Some real hands on opportunities on learning from the pros to be more profitable in your business or with your website. There will also be a range of subjects you will be able to choose from.

Stay tuned and I will tell you more.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some good news!

Today I recently found 2 gas stations that recently lowered their prices from last week, which was $4.17 a gallon for reg unleaded. Their prices are now $3.94 for regular unleaded. Even the local Sam's club that is usually supposed to be .05 cents cheaper, is currently $4.13. These prices are very good news considering how our economy has been going.

(Salt Lake City Area near point of the mountain)

Exxon Located on Bangerter Highway and west of I15
711 Located on Bangerter Highway and west of I15

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Power of Positive Thinking

We have lots of bad news going on in the world today. How you deal with that information is completely up to you. We may not be able to change the world, but we can always make the best of the situation by having a positive outlook and finding out how you can make your life or someone elses better. Positive thinking is one of the greatest powers that a human has. Negative thinking can only bring you more misery. With the power of positive thinking when things look hopeless to someone else, you have the power to think outside the box to find a solution. To create something better and to think of a better way of doing things. I firmly believe that the power of positive thinking can get you through anything. It's that one small thing you do for someone else that can change someones life.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

The key to making money is Advertising.

As my ongoing campaign to help people make money, I really want to help everyone make money. I feel by doing this it will give people some hope and a way for everyone to make some money in our downed economy. I have blogged about different types of advertising. I thought I would take a slightly different approach to get the message out. The key to making money on the internet and getting noticed is advertising. This does NOT have to be PAID advertising. You just need to get the word out to get your site noticed. To key is to get on as many sites as possible with the most exposure possible. The second thing you need of course on your site is content. It has to be interesting enough that people will want to read it. The third thing you need is the correct key words to get noticed when plugging in your site. This can be the most difficult in generating the best key words to get you noticed that won't produce allot of junk. Here are a few FREE websites you can get signed up with that will help you to get noticed. I recommend signing up with all of them. Of course there are many other ways and sites to get noticed.
  1. Twitter
  2. Technorati
  3. Compete
  4. Alexa
  5. Google
  6. Blogz
  7. RSS
  8. Zimbio
  9. Blog Explosion
  10. ISEdb
  11. YouTube

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Is your money safe?

I have never been the type of person that got involved in politics before. I feel the widespread panic going on in our nation is caused by our economy along with the monopoly being played with oil. I have a very big and new concern. Is your money safe? Banks are already in trouble. Are we headed for a recession as big as the 1920's? This is what I read on the front page of the morning paper. Look at today's headlines.

Stemming a Bank Crisis: Regulators, Banks Try to Calm Nation

Seeing Bad Loans, Investors Flee From Bank Shares

Economic angst: Could your bank be the next to fail?

Recession Watch: 5 Reasons Banks Face More Trouble

Banks are supposed to be (FDIC) insured by the federal government. 90 bank watch list as published by The Bank Implode Meter, these are banks that have all been audited and written up for something. After doing a little research I found most of the banks on the watch list, many of the banks on this list are still in good standing. The ones that you will need to keep an eye on are the banks on a "Level 3". These are the banks that could be headed for serious trouble.

Level 3 watch Bank List.

  1. Merryl Lynch 7-11-08
  2. Lehman Brothers 7-11-08
  3. Bank of America 7-08-08
  4. Citigroup 6-28-08
  5. Watchovia (near level 3)
  6. US Bancorp (near level 3)
  7. Washington Mutual (near level 3)
  8. National City (near level 3)

List of Failed Banks.
  1. IndyMac BankCorp
  2. Carnation Bank
  3. First Integrity Bank
  4. ANB Financial
  5. Hume Bank of Hume, MO
  6. Douglas National Bank
  7. Miami Valley Bank
  8. Net Bank
  9. Metropolitan Savings Bank
  10. St. Luke Baptist Credit Union
  11. Huron River Credit Union
  12. Green Tree Federal Credit Union
  13. Sharebuilders Federal Credit Union
  14. Freemont General
  15. Bear Stearns
  16. Northern Rock PLC
  17. Coast Bank

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Budgeting your money.

Sticking to a monthly budget is very important in keeping yourself out of debt. I have developed some spreadsheets that are designed to keep you on task. I look at them every Monday morning. These spreadsheets were designed to help you keep track of every penny going in and coming out. They can be easily customized to fit your specific financial situation. In addition if will help you keep track of interest rates and rebates you may receive.

Balance your monthly statements. Are you afraid to open the envelope? Do you hate doing it and put it off until its time to file your taxes? I have found by using my spreadsheet I don't hate accounting so much. I actually enjoy knowing where all of my money is going. This is a simple and easy organization method of budgeting your money. You use this in conjunction with your accounting software such as Quicken, Quickbooks, Microsoft Money. If you would like a copy of my FREE financial budget sheet, please send and email. This will be in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. If you need another format please specify.
Visit the Franklin Covey Outlet Store!

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Making Money With Affiliate Advertising

Have you ever wondered how affiliate advertising works? Here is some information I am going to tell you about, it's FREE ADVERTISING. Affiliate advertising is one of the FREE ways you can start making income on your site.
You can sign up for affiliate programs to sell things on your site. These programs that you apply to will give you a commission for every sale or lead. I Love Commission Junction because they do direct deposit in my account every month for affiliate advertising, and it is one of the most user friendly sites out there. How it works is you place a link such as a banner or text ad anywhere on your site. I recommend applying to programs that would be relevant to your site as well as places you would shop. There is now law that you can 't earn commission for your own sales unless otherwise specified by the program.
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What is AdSense?

If you notice here on my blogs I have Google ads. If you don't know what AdSense is, you should start using it. You could be missing out on a big opportunity to make some money with your blog. Google AdSense is an ad serving program run by Google. Website owners can enroll in this program to enable text, image and, more recently, video advertisements on their sites. These ads are administered by Google and generate revenue on either a per-click or per-thousand-impressions basis. Google is also currently beta-testing a cost-per-action based service. This is one of Google's free advertising programs you can join that will specifically target text or banner ads that are relevant to your site. I found it is also a complex program to use. I am still learning it and it may take me a couple of years to master it. There are also many other programs that Google also offers, such as Google AdWords, for those wanting to advertise with Google's targeted ad system.

I want to introduce you to my friend Joel Comm. He is the author of The New York Times Best seller, The AdSense Code" and the Host & Executive Producer of "The Next Internet Millionaire" reality show, Joel continues to produce top-quality resources and training materials that have helped thousands of people increase their online income. Well, Joel is thankful for the support he has received over the years, and he is doing something truly amazing to say "thank you".

It's been over two years since Joel last released an pdated version of his best selling "Google AdSense secrets" ebook. This book is the definitive guide to making money with AdSense and it is the only book you ever need to master AdSense. Joel regularly sells this book for $97.00. It's worth every penny. But what is doing now is going to send shockwaves through the industry! Joel has completely revised and extended AdSense Secrets 4.0 for 2008 to include all the latest AdSense cash-sucking strategies and techniques that allow him to continue earning over $500/day in passive AdSense income! So how is Joel saying "thank you" by offering this book? It's the price! Are you sitting down? You are going to think I am toying with you, but this is the honest truth...For a limited time, Joel is offering AdSense Secrets v4.0 to you for just $9.95! Yes, you heard me right! That's just $9.95!

Ok, I don't need to go on and on about this. Welcome to the biggest no-brainer of the year. Go pick up a copy of AdSense Secrets 4.0 right NOW while it is still priced at this amazing bargain of $9.95. You'll be able to instantly download your copy and begin implementing the same strategies and techniques that Joel and his customers have used to generate incredible passive income! Honestly, I don't know how long Joel will make the book available at this price, so I recommend you hurry and download it NOW!

I hope you have great success with this. This is a great opportunity to train you how you can start making some real money with AdSense.

AdSense Secrets

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Technorati is Cool!

I found a really cool site that I am excited to share a little piece of information about. This is so cool because you can look up any subject or blog and it will give a rating according to how popular it is. This is a way of easily filtering out what you really don't want to read. There are many other cool tools and widgets on this site that are very useful when trying to promote your website or blog. This is a great tool to add to your website. It's free to sign up, so check it out.

Technorati Top Searches

Technorati Profile

Technorati Profile

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Legitimate online freelance jobs.

Previously I have blogged briefly by mentioning companies where you get get freelance work such as Elance. I am going to go more into detail on the top recommended companies and different types of programs they offer. All are FREE to sign up. You can either get work from these companies or look to hire work from these companies.

Elance is the top ranking company for many reasons. They are the number one company used by large corporations for farming out work. They have outstanding customer service and training. How they work is they will also pre-screen applicants for companies looking to hire for work. On Elance you can see job listings as well as free lance work. The positions tell you how much they pay, and how long the job will last. As an applicant you can pay a small fee and get certified in programs specific to your experience. What does the certification mean. This means allot to companies looking to hire you. Sure you can make money with out becoming certified, but you will usually find a higher paying job if you are certified. For freelancers Elance has all of the contracts necessary to start a job with a company. These are great because it protects the customer as well as the person doing the work and it is a guarantee that you will get paid. Here are some of the types of jobs available; Web & Programming, Writing & Translation, Administrative & IT Support, Sales & Marketing, Telemarketing, Legal, Engineering & Manufacturing, Graphic Design, Application Development.

Guru is another good company, I know of people that have used them. They are a very good company used by a large number of national corporations, and Guru has earned many awards for their work. They are similar to Elance in how they work, you put in a bid on the positions you are interested in. Guru does have an edge on Elance in that they have more positions in different fields to choose from. Here are some of the types of jobs available; Website Design, Website Marketing, Programming, Software Development, Networking & Hardware, Writing & Translation, Administrative Support, Sales & Marketing, Telemarketing, Legal, Engineering CAD, Architecture, Graphic Design Presentation, Multimedia, Illustration, Cartooning, Sculpting, Painting, Photography & Video, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design, Business Consulting, Broadcasting, Finance & Accounting.

Worth 1000 is another way you can get work. It's a different type of site and is more for designers. Here you will submit a sample of your work according to the post that is requested. This operates in more of a contest format. Companies or corporations, will post a specific job for work. You will submit a sample, and if yours is chosen out of all of the entries they receive, you will be awarded the job. This site you are graded on your work and you will earn a rank according to your experience. Some items will post that you will earn points instead of money. Read each post carefully, some posts you will get both money and points if you win. Worth 1000 is limited in they type of work they offer, it's more for fun than anything else and has allot of great stuff to offer. Here are some of the types of work available; Logo Design, Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Presentation, Multimedia, Illustration, Cartooning, Photography.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

I created a website and named it after my dog.

Yes it's true, I named my website after my dog. Her legal name is Daisy Trouble “Yippi” Indiana. By the looks of her name you would think that she was named by every member of my family. She has also been known by many other names...Crazy Dazy, Nut Case, Cocoa Puff, LayZDaisy. Just in case you are wondering what kind of dog she is, she is a Dachshund, which I have trouble spelling it Dashund. Click her to see Daisy on You Tube

My blogs along with the images on my site will change everyday. This site is not just about my dog. It features things like Photo of the day, Quote of the day, Random Facts, Word of the day. I also have some networking info with links to other sites and how you can get free information on building a residual income, how to become debt free, and avoid the scams. I can show you how to utilize free information to make you money without spending a dime. I know of people right now that make serious money doing this, with no MLM.

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