Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Positive Thinking is the Key to Surviving Tough Times

With our current economic crisis and hundreds of thousands of people getting laid off across the nation, it is troubling to think where we are headed. Our nation is in a full blown depression. The fall of our economy was caused by greed and dishonest people that worked at the top of major corporations refusing to accept accountability. I refuse to buy into the political schemes of these companies that are seeking bailouts. The majority of these bailouts have not been used to recover losses or save jobs. They have been used for the wrong reasons to cover there own ass-ets. There is a way to turn this around. POSITIVE THINKING, and helping others.

I am determined to make the best of my own resources, while educating myself to find creative ways to make money and utilize every resource that is available to help everyone where ever I can. Recently I have posted a job board on my website www.LayZDaisy.com/jobs.htm I hope by having this job board on my site it will help those find a job that needs one. I think when ever we can help someone else, it is this kind of thinking that will turn around our economy. Here are some other tips that will help.

  1. Stop the worry and have POSITIVE THINKING. If you worry it will take you ten times longer to accomplish something than if you have POSITIVE THINKING. Worrying is a waste of time. POSITIVE THINKING will get you a lot farther in life and you will reach your goals in less time. POSITIVE THINKING will help you accomplish anything that you desire by attracting these good thoughts everyday and sharing your good thoughts with others. We need to lift each other up and filter out the negetive.
  2. Be Creative and find other ways you can make an income with NO investment. Some of these ways can be selling a product or service you can provide through free internet classified advertising. www.craigslist.org
  3. Prioritize the things that are most important. By prioritizing I mean prioritizing everything in your life starting with your finances, cleaning your house etc. Prioritizing will also relieve a lot of stress and you will be able to look at everything with a clear picture.
  4. Cut expenses and be frugal, you can live with less. When times are tough financially being frugal is way to cut the expenses you don't need without being cheap. If you remember to recycle and reuse this will in becoming frugal. Then when ever you can prepare for the future.
  5. Share the lessons you have learned with others. Be willing to help someone and share your POSITIVE THINKING. Then if everyone helps someone else it will spread like wild fire.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Questions You Should Ask an MLM Company Before You Join.

How many people out there signed up for an MLM company with big expectations of making money then find out later that it’s a very hard way to succeed. There have been many times I have been sucked in the pretty picture they paint. I hate when some of the people working with these companies lie to you just to get as many people as they can underneath their organization, then offer you no help once you join. The majority of MLM companies make it sound easy and say “anyone can be successful”. I don’t want to knock all MLM companies out there. There are some good ones that are legitimate. There are details you should look at with every company before you spend the money to invest. One of the most important things you should do is research. You will need to find out how stable each company is are and compare them to their competition.

  1. What is the start-up cost and what does it include? Beware of huge upfront fees, the risk is usually much greater and make sure you are getting a good value for the money.
  2. What kind of training do I get once I start? Make sure if you sign up that you sign up with someone that has proven to be successful and is willing to spend the time with you to properly train you.
  3. What type of service or product will I be selling? Is this something you can truly believe in and feel good about selling?
  4. Will I be expected to put in a minimum order every month or every quarter? Make sure you can sell more than the minimum amount required each month or quarter.
  5. Will I be expected to recruit a minimum amount of people? Many MLM’s require you to recruit a specified number of people in order to make money in your downline.
  6. How much commission will I make?
  7. If I want to purchase something do I get a special discount off the retail price?
  8. Is shipping & handling additional or does it come out of my commission?
  9. How long do items typically take to ship to my customer?
  10. What kind of Guarantee or Warranty does the company have on their products?
  11. Will I need to purchase supplies such as Catalogs, order forms, etc.?
  12. What other company benefits or incentives does this company have and how easy is it to achieve those goals?

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