Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day: Be Proud of a Free Country

I think of Memorial Day as a day to remind us of our freedom, and a day to remember our fallen hero's that fought for our country. From the time this country began, many people came over from other countries in search of a new dream. To live in a land with the freedom to worship in their own religion, and not have to be ruled by kings or queens dictating how they should live. I am grateful for the freedoms we have in our country and that we have the freedom to choose to make our own decisions.

Many people take the US Constitution for granted. It was written for a purpose to protect the freedoms we have in our country. It troubles me to think there are many people that are trying to abolish or change our constitution. When that happens, we lose our freedom to act for ourselves and make our own choices. Some of the founding fathers of our country died while trying to protect our freedom. Be grateful for the freedom you have and enjoy everyday that you have to live in freedom, be proud of our free country.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Raising Money for March of Dimes Charity

Every year I participate in some way to donate to March of Dimes Charity. This is an important organization to me because I had a premature baby and this organization was a great help to me in that time of my life, this is my way of giving back. March of Dimes is on a mission to help prevent premature births, and help families in need of their services.

Donate as little as $1 or as much as you want. It's tax deductible and you can print a receipt online. Please donate and help me reach my goal!