Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lessons of Life

These are some kind thoughts that a friend of mine emailed to me, and I thought I might share them.

We will be fulfilled in the best way possible and as quickly possible. But some things take time. Sometimes, we have lessons to learn first, lessons that prepare us so we can accept the good we deserve. Things are being worked out in us, and in others. Blocks in us are being removed. A solid foundation is being laid.

Be patient, Relax and trust. Let go. Then, let go some more. Good things are planned for us. We will receive them at the first available moment. We will have all our heart longs for. Relax and trust.

I will identify what I want and need; then, I'll be willing to let go of it. I will devote my energy to living my life today, so I may master my lessons as quickly as possible. I will trust that what I want and need is coming to me. I will let go of my need to control the details.

by Melody Beattie "The Language of Letting Go"

"Every act of self control leads to a measure of self respect!"

~ Abraham Low