Friday, September 24, 2010

Herriman Wildfire in My Backyard

Taken from my backyard at 6:00 PM ©

The recent Herriman "Machine Gun" wildfire has left us feeling very grateful that we still have a home to live in. The scary thing is the fire was only a few blocks away from where I walk Daisy on a regular basis.

It was scary to watch it from smoking on the other side of the mountain to seeing 50 foot flames come down the mountain. Our neighborhood was evacuated as the smoke got so thick you couldn't breath. As we watched this fire progress I kept taking pictures until I couldn't stand the smoke.

As I drove up today to survey the damage to some of the homes, it is amazing to me that more homes were not burned down. So many homes you could see that the flames got as close as 5-10 feet away, the homes survived the fire untouched. There were only 2 homes that burned to the ground, 1 of them no one lived in. A few homes will have to have their roofs replaced and some minor damage repaired.

There very easily could have been a huge loss of of more than 100 homes. The city of Herriman was very well organized with the fire and police in keeping this under control. I am proud to live in a great community and I feel so grateful that so many people were spared from a disaster that could have been much worse.

Here is another perspective of the fire.

Photo by Jay Hyer

Photo by Don Cole

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day: Be Proud of a Free Country

I think of Memorial Day as a day to remind us of our freedom, and a day to remember our fallen hero's that fought for our country. From the time this country began, many people came over from other countries in search of a new dream. To live in a land with the freedom to worship in their own religion, and not have to be ruled by kings or queens dictating how they should live. I am grateful for the freedoms we have in our country and that we have the freedom to choose to make our own decisions.

Many people take the US Constitution for granted. It was written for a purpose to protect the freedoms we have in our country. It troubles me to think there are many people that are trying to abolish or change our constitution. When that happens, we lose our freedom to act for ourselves and make our own choices. Some of the founding fathers of our country died while trying to protect our freedom. Be grateful for the freedom you have and enjoy everyday that you have to live in freedom, be proud of our free country.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Raising Money for March of Dimes Charity

Every year I participate in some way to donate to March of Dimes Charity. This is an important organization to me because I had a premature baby and this organization was a great help to me in that time of my life, this is my way of giving back. March of Dimes is on a mission to help prevent premature births, and help families in need of their services.

Donate as little as $1 or as much as you want. It's tax deductible and you can print a receipt online. Please donate and help me reach my goal!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

What is Gratitude?

It is a sincere appreciation for things around us, a feeling of thankfulness for what we have or benefits we have received. I think gratitude is something we should feel each and every day throughout the year. It is gratitude that will get us through tough times. I have so much to be grateful for, I can't possibly list everything in one blog. I hope that what I can do is list some things that will help remind us different ways to show gratitude. I hope that by showing gratitude it will impact others in a positive way that they will want to do the same for someone else.

  1. Attitude - A grateful heart is the beginning of greatness. You are happier when you have a grateful attitude. A grateful attitude will bless us and others.
  2. Be Kind to Others - Treat others with the same respect as you would want others to treat you.
  3. Give a compliment - Show a smile, give a compliment to someone for something you like about them, or something good they have done.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cayenne's Puppies

My whole family pretty much has Dachshunds. Although I grew up around many other breeds of dogs, the Dachshund is the breed I that has become my favorite. They are fun dogs, they are easy to train and do best when you keep them on a schedule. They will always keep you entertained and much of the time they think they are human.

Cayenne is my Dad and Step Mom's dog. On May 14, 2009 these Miniature Dachshund AKC puppies were born. One Black and Tan male, and two Red females. They are very cute and playful. The father has champion blood lines and is Black & Tan, Cayenne is a very pretty Red. I took pictures yesterday and thought I would post them. Click here to see more pictures of Cayenne and her puppies.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lessons of Life

These are some kind thoughts that a friend of mine emailed to me, and I thought I might share them.

We will be fulfilled in the best way possible and as quickly possible. But some things take time. Sometimes, we have lessons to learn first, lessons that prepare us so we can accept the good we deserve. Things are being worked out in us, and in others. Blocks in us are being removed. A solid foundation is being laid.

Be patient, Relax and trust. Let go. Then, let go some more. Good things are planned for us. We will receive them at the first available moment. We will have all our heart longs for. Relax and trust.

I will identify what I want and need; then, I'll be willing to let go of it. I will devote my energy to living my life today, so I may master my lessons as quickly as possible. I will trust that what I want and need is coming to me. I will let go of my need to control the details.

by Melody Beattie "The Language of Letting Go"

"Every act of self control leads to a measure of self respect!"

~ Abraham Low

Friday, May 29, 2009

Blogging: Not Just a Hobby Anymore

Blogging is a great way to express yourself, keep in touch with family and friends. Blogging is not just something you do for fun anymore. It is a great tool to also increase traffic to your website and your business. While we have had a tough economy, it's also one of the best avenues for free advertising. There are many ways you can blog and make money. I see blogging as one of the best Marketing tools to help boost my business, and any leads I get from it I see as a bonus to what I am already doing.

Blogging has been very successful for many people, but don't count on it to be a stable income. What you want to do is build multiple streams of income. Most successful bloggers have been doing it for several years. I have been now blogging for one year, and I am happy when I do get the occasional paid blogging job.

Here's a great post:
13 Tips to Recession Proof Your Blog

Some of my friends have great blogs:

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day: A Day of Remebrance

A US Marine marching at Arlington Cemetary
A US Marine marching at Arlington Cemetery

I would like to take a moment to honor everyone who fought for our freedom. Not only do I want to remember our fallen heros, but also everyone who lived to fight for our freedom when our country first began, and those that signed the Declaration of Independence and put into law the Bill of Rights and our United States Constitution. I am greatful to live in our country and enjoy the many freedoms that we have.

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Memorial Day Roll Call Honors 148,000 Veterans

This Memorial Day, Honor the Fallen

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pancreatitis in Dogs

Over the last three weeks my little dog Daisy became ill with Pancreatitis. This something that is very common in dogs and cats that eat something that they are not supposed to. Pancreatitis is a digestive disorder that is usually cause by eating people food that is high in fat. This was set off when Daisy ate a small piece of ham. She usually doesn't eat anything but her own food. That a couple hours after she ate she started throwing up. She continued to throw up through the night, then the next day she had the runs. I made her some rice to help settle her tummy. She did not want to eat at all that day, and was not feeling well. After a day or two she started feeling better, she was eating the rice but not touching the dog food. In the middle of the night she threw up bile every night at 4:00 Am for the next few days. On Monday I took her to the Vet they put her on a prescription dog food. She ate well for the first four days, then started having the tummy trouble again in the middle of the night. I took her to the vet again the following Monday. He prescribed for her a soft prescription dog food I could mix with rice and eventually mix with dry. He also put her on Flagyl a medication that is supposed to help reduce any inflammation in her intestines and make it easier to digest her food.

I am sorry to be so graphic but, I wanted to illustrate how serious Pancreatitis can be. If not checked, it can develop into a chronic condition and cause other health problems. Pancreatitis is common in pets around Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter (because of table scraps). Not all dogs will get it, but seems to be more common in small breed purebred dogs.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Daisy in the Desert

This weekend we went camping in the desert with our dog. Daisy loves to run and play in the desert. She loves to go for rides in the truck and on the four wheeler, she will chase almost anything that moves. When our trip has ended she will sleep for a week.

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