Monday, May 18, 2009

Pancreatitis in Dogs

Over the last three weeks my little dog Daisy became ill with Pancreatitis. This something that is very common in dogs and cats that eat something that they are not supposed to. Pancreatitis is a digestive disorder that is usually cause by eating people food that is high in fat. This was set off when Daisy ate a small piece of ham. She usually doesn't eat anything but her own food. That a couple hours after she ate she started throwing up. She continued to throw up through the night, then the next day she had the runs. I made her some rice to help settle her tummy. She did not want to eat at all that day, and was not feeling well. After a day or two she started feeling better, she was eating the rice but not touching the dog food. In the middle of the night she threw up bile every night at 4:00 Am for the next few days. On Monday I took her to the Vet they put her on a prescription dog food. She ate well for the first four days, then started having the tummy trouble again in the middle of the night. I took her to the vet again the following Monday. He prescribed for her a soft prescription dog food I could mix with rice and eventually mix with dry. He also put her on Flagyl a medication that is supposed to help reduce any inflammation in her intestines and make it easier to digest her food.

I am sorry to be so graphic but, I wanted to illustrate how serious Pancreatitis can be. If not checked, it can develop into a chronic condition and cause other health problems. Pancreatitis is common in pets around Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter (because of table scraps). Not all dogs will get it, but seems to be more common in small breed purebred dogs.

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