Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Motivate Yourself to Do Something Great!

I think I found a new calling in life. To motivate. I have been teaching some seminars in various subjects based on my experience in Graphic Design, Marketing etc. Every time I finish a seminar I feel excited that everyone in my group is excited to apply the new knowledge they have gained. This is a motivation for me to do bigger and greater things. I love to surround myself with positive people. It is just like when I used to run everyday it was much easier to go farther and run consistently when I had a running buddy.

One reason I started teaching these seminars is I love to help people and I want everyone I share with to gain some value. Also my appointment book was getting rather full and I wasn't spending as much of my time being productive. I love helping others, my goal is for everyone that I coach that they in turn will help someone else. It's this type of thinking that will get us through our tough economy. I have started a daily routine to keep myself motivated and positive.
  1. Start out your day by listening to music that makes you feel good about yourself.
  2. Pass on a positive thought to someone else.
  3. Surround yourself with positive people.
Everyone has the POWER to be LARGER than you think you are. Be the best person you can be and influence others!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Direct Selling Home Decor Business Review

Last month I wrote an article on "Questions You Should Ask an MLM Company Before You Join". The same kinds of questions apply if your thinking of starting up your own business in direct selling. I recently had the opportunity to review several companies all with similar products. All of the companies I reviewed are all MLM companies but are all structured differently. With this review I have listed the companies that are the best to work with, all others that I didn't care for I left off this list. They were graded on several factors; Cost of startup, Consultant Benefits, Customer Service, Ease of Selling, Quality of Products, Tech Support and Training.

Home Decor Direct / Cuadros Y Cosas A+
Startup Cost - $0 if you sell $150 (supplies are free with this method) or $59 for products and a supply kit ($150 value). A
Consultant Benefits - The very best income opportunity over any other company I reviewed plus you are rewarded for everyone you recruit and get cash bonuses for extra sales. A
Quality of Products - Excellent quality, most products are hand crafted in the USA and reasonably priced. A+
Ease of Selling - I signed up with $0 and got $268 in orders my first month. A
Customer Service - Most items are received within 1-2 weeks after you place your order. Customer service is excellent. A
Tech Support and Training - I had the opportunity to attend two training seminars before I started, with excellent one on one support. I was able to meet personally with the Vice President of the company. A

Southern Living At Home B+
Startup Cost - $199 for a $400+ value of products and supply kit A-
Consultant Benefits - Consultants get discounts one item one time per year and 25% commission, plus you are rewarded for every recruit. B+
Quality of Products - Excellent quality, not a big variety of home decor items, lots of dishes. A-
Ease of Selling - Not too hard to sell, but some items are pricey. B+
Customer Service - Can't contact customer service via phone, email took 4-5 days to respond. Items shipped slow, took more than 2 weeks. B
Tech Support and Training - Training was over the phone and audio CD's. B+

Celebrating Home / Home & Garden Party B-
Startup Cost - $99 for $200 in product or $149 for $300 in product. B+
Consultant Benefits
- Consultants get 30% commission, plus you are rewarded for every recruit. A-
Quality of Products
- Some items are not very high quality. Products range from reasonably priced to pricey. B-
Ease of Selling
- Good variety of products, some quality issues. B
Customer Service
- Can't contact customer service via phone, email took over a week to respond. Most items received within 2 weeks. C+
Tech Support and Training - No one offered any one on one support, I did find some videos on You Tube. C

For your convenience links to company websites have been posted in this blog.

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