Friday, September 24, 2010

Herriman Wildfire in My Backyard

Taken from my backyard at 6:00 PM ©

The recent Herriman "Machine Gun" wildfire has left us feeling very grateful that we still have a home to live in. The scary thing is the fire was only a few blocks away from where I walk Daisy on a regular basis.

It was scary to watch it from smoking on the other side of the mountain to seeing 50 foot flames come down the mountain. Our neighborhood was evacuated as the smoke got so thick you couldn't breath. As we watched this fire progress I kept taking pictures until I couldn't stand the smoke.

As I drove up today to survey the damage to some of the homes, it is amazing to me that more homes were not burned down. So many homes you could see that the flames got as close as 5-10 feet away, the homes survived the fire untouched. There were only 2 homes that burned to the ground, 1 of them no one lived in. A few homes will have to have their roofs replaced and some minor damage repaired.

There very easily could have been a huge loss of of more than 100 homes. The city of Herriman was very well organized with the fire and police in keeping this under control. I am proud to live in a great community and I feel so grateful that so many people were spared from a disaster that could have been much worse.

Here is another perspective of the fire.

Photo by Jay Hyer

Photo by Don Cole

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