Monday, November 17, 2008

Be a Magpie on Twitter

You have probably noticed by now that I am a twitter user and I have written a few blogs about twitter. Did you notice I just added an icon in the right hand column of my blog? It is called Magpie. This is a great new program to bring you some income for referrals that click on your link. Here is how it works you click here to sign up.

Magpie works one of two ways to earn money for you. When you sign up as a twitter user Magpie will place a text add in your twitter account that is relevant to your tweets. You tell Magpie how often you want the add to run. You place an icon on your web page or blog. You earn money for everyone that signs up.

You can also advertise on twitter by using Magpie. You can use your earnings to run ads on twitter.

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