Thursday, July 3, 2008

I created a website and named it after my dog.

Yes it's true, I named my website after my dog. Her legal name is Daisy Trouble “Yippi” Indiana. By the looks of her name you would think that she was named by every member of my family. She has also been known by many other names...Crazy Dazy, Nut Case, Cocoa Puff, LayZDaisy. Just in case you are wondering what kind of dog she is, she is a Dachshund, which I have trouble spelling it Dashund. Click her to see Daisy on You Tube

My blogs along with the images on my site will change everyday. This site is not just about my dog. It features things like Photo of the day, Quote of the day, Random Facts, Word of the day. I also have some networking info with links to other sites and how you can get free information on building a residual income, how to become debt free, and avoid the scams. I can show you how to utilize free information to make you money without spending a dime. I know of people right now that make serious money doing this, with no MLM.

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