Monday, July 28, 2008

Some interesting facts about the oil industry.

With gasoline currently at $4 per gallon (higher in Utah) have you ever wondered how much the oil companies are making? Big oil companies claim they are not the big winners. The average proffit margin for oil companies in 7.6%. Currently the oil companies are saying that the demand is exceeding the supply, which is why gas prices continue to rise. Independently owned gas stations are only making a few cents per gallon. The federal government is currently making .18 cents per gallon. State Government is making .22 cents per gallon. Distributors make .28 cents per gallon. Refineries make .36 cents per gallon. Oil producers are making $2.96 per gallon. When you add all of that up it calculates to $4.00 per gallon without the independently owned gas stations taking their cut.

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