Friday, October 10, 2008

Economic Crisis: How low is the market going to go?

The announce of the stock market crash on September 15, 2008 marketed the largest crash since 9-11, 2001. As most of us know the stock market has continued to crash everyday since. What most people don't know is the bailout plan was the government's way of placing a band-aid on a very large wound already in progress, to hopefully prevent a recession. If that happens, the depression would be larger than the great depression of 1929. Once a recession starts it usually takes many years to recover. This makes you wonder how low is the market going to go? I think unfortunately a recession has already hit. Many people are in denial. With Banks collapsing among other businesses. This leaves the next five years very uncertain. We need to figure out a better way to prepare for the future. Now in our country there is a record number of foreclosures, billions of people have no retirement and thousands of people are currently unemployed. This gives you some things to think about doesn't it. Here is what other people are saying about our economic crisis.

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Economic Crisis

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